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Improve the quality of your life and make the breakthroughs you want for yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually so you can bring the most of yourself into everything you do – family, career, hobbies, and personal passions. 

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Customized support for what you want to achieve.  Whether it’s working to understand your triggers and release them, learning practices to sustain your energy, self healing, qi gong, energy work, and any combination thereof to achieve your personal goals and unlock your potential.

Mindfulness & Stress Rescue

Group Classes, Seminars & Coaching ideal for corporate, universities, schools, and wellness centers – to improve productivity, enhance personal wellness, ability to sustain balance, an empowered mindset, and focus.  Mindfulness, Meditation, & Qi Gong programs for health and success.

Classes & Workshops

From Wellness to the Metaphysical:

Empowerment Workshops, Qi Gong Classes, Men’s Wellness, Sacred Geometry & Other metaphysical classes, Talks, etc.

What People Are Saying

“I had a life activation session with Mike, not knowing what to expect but trusting the process. I was surprised and pleased by the almost immediate results! I’ve known Mike for a long time. His high professionalism, humour, and consistently calm character are always a joy to be around, in whatever capacity.”

Christy M.


“… So far i am able clear my blockages and managing to keep my focus with help of Mindfulness. I hope he explore further more into the Qi-Gong, and guides people better towards the path of healing, self-improvement and wellness, Thank you Mike !! keep up the great work.”

Sarmaad S.


“I am so glad to have found Mike’s Qi Gong class … Mike is a wonderful teacher – patient, knowledgeable and encouraging! It is obvious that he embodies what he teaches. I have felt many benefits from his classes and have received beautiful feedback from people I know… my husband remarked “I want to let you know that I’ve noticed a difference in how you carry yourself – since you started the Qi Gong classes, you’re spine is straighter, you seem taller, more open and relaxed”. Wow, the shifts are remarkable! Thank you, Mary M.”

Mary M.

Wellness consultant


Your Full Potential

Embracing it means letting go of who you think you are. Because oftentimes who we've defined ourselves to be was based on the fears and limits of others.  This alone may not make sense to many. Most people don't see how we can be anything but who we know ourselves to...

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The Language You Use

What you express is what you believe is possible - so start changing what you express and how. Every time we speak we are actually reinforcing or changing our belief system. The words we use ARE key to our success and how free we feel in life. All statements that say...

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De-Compartmentalize Your Mind

Compartmentalization is something that we’ve been taught to see as a strong survival trait, where you’re perceived to be able to stay stable, somehow unaffected by what’s around you. But compartmentalizing throughout our lives just traps emotions in certain parts of...

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Feel The Joy

This is where I write blog post #3. To edit this post, I need to go to Dashboard->Posts->All Posts->Hover over Post 3 and choose "Edit." To delete this post I need to go to Dashboard->Posts->All Posts->Hover over Post 3 and choose "Trash." To create a new post, I need...

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Push Through!

It's easy for you mind to agree to do something different for a short while.  It actually feels good, refreshing, a change of pace, and escape from the ordinary.  It's when your mind realizes you truly want to make it a new habit that it starts to push back more and...

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Drive Through Purpose

 There is the difference between someone that needs intensity to sustain personal drive and someone that just has it because it’s in them to give.  Intensity supports your energy, focus, and tenacity for sure - but applied over a long period of time, it’s draining and...

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