Mindfulness & Stress Rescue

Stress Rescue & Mindfulness Programs

  • Physical movement, mental clarity exercises, emotional relief and balancing, techniques for keeping things in perspective, keeping your energy high, understanding of why you’re acting the way you are and how to become aware of that in the midst of living your life and conquer it, and much more.
  • Typically taught as interactive, hands-on workshops where participants actually get to practice and retain what they need to be successful from that point forward.
  • Participants learn the science behind why they experience the challenges they are running in to, practice the techniques they can use day to day to resolve them, and receive guided practices to help them continue in their journey of increased productivity, life balance, and personal excellence. 
  • Whether you’re a corporation looking to support your employees in their productivity and personal wellness, a learning institution looking to support students through the stresses of their learning experience or in making sense of their personal growth, or an institution looking to provide effective and proven tools to those you serve – we offer many options and packages to support your needs.
  • Research shows mindfulness decreases anxiety up to 50%, medical symptoms 44%, psychiatric symptoms 50%
  • Meditation rebuilds the brain – increasing supportive regions, reducing size of anxiety-related regions
  • Through mindfulness people notice more, but react more calmly

Contact us to discuss your needs & we’ll help you select the solutions that will serve you best.

Effectiveness & Wellness

Gone are the days where effectiveness was achieved by pushing yourself to the limit. Pressing on or popping vitamins and supplements, or coffee and seeking to burn through your task list with sheer focus and intensity. There is another way – one that supports mental health, overall wellness, and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Talks and workshops to help those that want to understand, how to take steps towards achieving balance between wellness and effectiveness.
  • Real life understanding and implementation of practices to achieve your effectiveness in all aspects of life.

Contact me to discuss your needs & we’ll help you select the solutions that will serve you best.

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